Technology development of fine-line crystalline silicon solar cells

Published: May 1, 2010

By Zhichun (Jacky) Ni, Director of R&D, China Sunergy; Jiebling Fang, China Sunergy; Weifei Lian, China Sunergy; Xiaolong Si, China Sunergy

Development of fine-line crystalline silicon solar cells is a potential direction for application of high-efficiency and low-cost solar cells in the industry. Fine-line mask-free metallization offers a great potential to increase cell efficiency by reducing metal shadowing losses and surface recombination losses. At China Sunergy, three promising approaches for fine-line crystalline silicon solar cells are currently undergoing research, including processes such as laser doping selective emitter (LDSE) technology, inkjet or aerosol jet printing of metal paste and upgraded screen-printing technology. This paper presents the basic investigations of these three manufacturing technologies, singling out the technology that presents the most potential for further application.

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