SPONSORED: Tiger Module Technology White Paper

Published: April 20, 2020

With the globally declining trend of PV subsidies and PPA, the LCOE is also required to be reduced. With the promotion of the Eagle, Cheetah and Swan modules, high-power, high-efficiency characteristics combined with bi-facial technology have been shown to deliver higher power generation per unit area and lower BOS costs at the system end. Therefore, “high energy density” has become a significant technology direction for Jinko. Under this direction, Jinko launched its Tiger series of high-efficiency tiling ribbon modules at the All Energy Exhibition in Australia on October 23, 2019. The Tiger module adopts the advanced technologies of multi-busbar + tiling ribbon + half cut and, with the high-efficiency Jinko cell, the maximum power output of Tiger could reach 475W and efficiency 21.16%.

The Tiger series includes mono-facial and bi-facial options, the latter currently promoting transparent back sheets with DuPont’s Tedlar. While ensuring a 5% -30% backside energy gain, the light-weight feature of the transparent back sheet also effectively reduces the LCOE.

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