Snapshot of spot market for PV modules - quarterly report Q4 2008

Published: February 1, 2009

By eclareon; pvXchange

A total of 2MWp of PV modules were sold on pvXchange’s spot market platform in December 2008. This corresponds to a sharp decrease of 60% when compared to the figures seen in the previous month (5.6MWp). Low trade volumes throughout the years are common on pvXchange; this year, bad weather conditions prevented many new installations, as did the current economic climate that saw many buyers waiting for further price decreases. The closing of long-term contracts has been postponed by many PV companies that are concerned that they will not find customers given the current circumstances. Again, First Solar’s CdTe thin-film modules were the most traded technology item on the pvXchange platform for the month of December.

$21.00 excl. VAT

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