Optimising commercial rooftop PV

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Published: October 13, 2017

By Andrew Hancock, graduated from Reading University in 2007 with an MSc in renewable energy, technology and sustainability. Over the past 10 years he has worked for some of the leading UK solar installation companies, and has gained valuable experience in most areas of the solar business. Positions include installation and site management, to key design and technical management. Andrew joined Syzygy Renewables in July 2016 and works in the asset management team.; Kirsty Berry, has a masters in engineering from Manchester University and Technische Universitat Berlin and a MSc in renewable systems technology from Loughborough University. Her career in renewables started at BP in 1998 after which she spent 17 years at Solarcentury where she was latterly head of health and safety. Other roles at Solarcentury include project management. She is now senior project manager at Syzygy Renewables.

System design | Despite the decline of subsidies in the UK, well designed commercial PV systems still offer potentially attractive financial benefits to businesses. Some of the key considerations in designing and executing a commercial solar system
that will deliver maximum return on investment are detailed.

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