DERlab round-robin testing of photovoltaic single-phase inverters

Published: May 1, 2010

By Omar Perego, ERSE; Paolo Mora, Leader for the DERlab Project and Co-ordinator of the DERri Project, ERSE; Carlo Tornelli, ERSE; Wolfram Heckmann, DERlab coordinator, IWES; Thomas Degner, DERlab Coordinator, IWES

Interconnection of inverters to the electrical grid is a key issue for the widespread integration of distributed energy resources, especially when the scenario surrounding international standards is so unclear. As a pre-normative research step, a round-robin test of two small-scale photovoltaic inverters was performed by nine DERlab laboratories during 2009. The test activity was focused on the verification of individual test procedures, common interpretation of standards and requirements, and determination of problems related to the equipment and facilities involved in conducting round-robin tests. Compilation of test results and first conclusions of this activity will be presented in this paper.

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