Considerations for polysilicon plant expansions and upgrades

Published: May 1, 2010

By Jon Bill, Vice President of Technology and Engineers, Dynamic Engineering, Inc.; Greg Heausler, Director for Startups and Services , Dynamic Engineering, Inc.; Scott O'Briant, Lead Mechanical Engineer, Dynamic Engineering, Inc.

As polysilicon producers perform expansions and upgrades to increase production and improve operations, plant safety remains critical. Companies should routinely review their safety policies and effectively plan their projects to ensure uninterrupted product supply and create a safe environment for employees and the communities in which they operate. Both the design and the execution of expansion and upgrades to projects are critical as companies strive for minimal down time so that productivity is not affected. Such hazards and scenarios that may hinder and delay start-up, specifically in relation to polysilicon plants, are highlighted in this paper. Furthermore, the paper outlines how best to avoid these situations, offering methods of execution to achieve the three key measures of success: safety, high purity and minimal down time.

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