Adapting conventional tabbing- stringing technology for back-contact solar cells and modules

Published: January 7, 2015

By Tom Borgers, Si PV Group, IMEC; Jonathan Govaerts, Si PV Group, IMEC; Arvid van der Heide, Development and Research, Soltech; Stefan Dewallef, Engineer, Soltech; Ivan Gordon, Si PV Group Leader, IMEC; Jozef Szlufcik, PV Department Director and Si PV Programme Manager, IMEC; Jef Poortmans, Director of the Solar and Organic Technologies Department, IMEC

In anticipation of the expected increase in the use of back-contact cells in future PV modules, a number of different concepts have been proposed. This paper focuses on one approach that aims to stay close to conventional solder-based technology (tabbing - stringing) while still allowing the use of back-contact cells (which have more complex back-side metallization schemes). The advantages and disadvantages of such an approach are discussed, and the development of this technology is described in terms of process flow, materials, characterization and reliability.

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